Lolo La

by Del Stephen

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    Lolo La is a story. Read it below for the full Lolo La experience.

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'Lolo La' is a story about a woman named Maryna, and the time that we spent together. 'Lolo La' also happens to be the most important secret Maryna ever revealed to me.

In the morning, Maryna and I would smile at each other until our cheeks got sore. At night, Maryna and I would fall asleep and share dreams. Every morning and every night, we did these things together.

The rest of the day didn't matter.

I remember Maryna's dreams so vividly; I was always there with her. She would share all of her secrets with me until everything in her head was in my head too. One by one, all of her secrets became all of our secrets. Maryna's secrets opened my eyes to new ways of experiencing life and the world.

The last secret she ever revealed to me also happened to be the first time I saw her naked.

The first time I saw her naked was in one of my dreams; she was always there with me. We had just arrived at our destination - an abandoned shop on an empty street downtown. There was a double parking meter on the sidewalk in front of the vacant shop, but not a single car in sight.

Neither of us were wearing any clothes, and we were in the middle of a serious argument with each other, shouting back-and-forth in a strange language that neither of us could even understand.

I had no idea what we were arguing about, but I could already tell that this was going to be our last dream together.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of exchanging meaningless sounds with one another, Maryna and I somehow reached an agreement about whatever it was we were arguing about.

"Lolo La?"

Those were the three syllables that Maryna carefully uttered to me, with a rising intonation in her voice, as if asking me something important.

Before actually responding to her though, I hesitated for a moment, overwhelmed with a sense of absolute comprehension of the strings of sounds that had just come out of Maryna's mouth. Everything suddenly became clear, and it must have been a mutual clarity too, because we then both started to smile at each other the same way we smiled at each other every morning; until our cheeks got sore.

"Lolo La!", I replied emphatically, nodding my head and with newborn tears now streaming down my face.

"Lolo La! Lolo La! Lolo La!", I shouted, over and over again, my voice getting increasingly louder and louder, just to communicate to Maryna wholeheartedly my vivid understanding of the most important secret she ever revealed to me; yet another new way of experiencing life and the world, which I have never experienced in the same way since.

And thus, 'Lolo La' (the album) is twofold in that it is:

1) its own retelling of the above story but through a language you may not be familiar with, not unlike the strange language that Maryna and I tried to communicate in during our last dream together, and
2) through the sounds that make up the album, an attempt to share with you the meaning of Lolo La, the most important secret Maryna ever revealed to me in our last dream together.


released October 8, 2014

Music, production, and words by Stephen Del Duca.
Recorded in Ontario in September of 2014.
Thanks for listening and for reading.




Del Stephen Toronto, Ontario


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