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To be clear: 'ON OUR WAY TO HYPNAGOGIA' is not a song, or at least not in the traditional sense of the word. My intention, rather, is for it to be used as a TOOL to a particular experience: hypnagogia. I have made the tool available for free above.

What Is hypnagogia? Hypnagogia is the collective term for the hallucinations (sights, sounds, and other sensations) people experience during the transition between being awake and falling asleep, or in other words, that strange experience during which sounds, insights and unusual sensations greet us as we drift out of consciousness.

'ON OUR WAY TO HYPNAGOGIA' explores hypnagogia's auditory component in particular, which is said to include a variety of fragmented sounds and patterns such as faint impressions, loud buzzing, and nonsensical speech. Hypnagogia probably sounds unique for each individual, but I have taken it upon myself to offer but a single possible example.

Referring back to the initial discretion of 'ON OUR WAY TO HYPNAGOGIA' being a tool rather than a song, my idea is as follows:

Maybe, just maybe, consuming particular sounds (the sounds of hypnagogia) via headphones or external speakers, at the time when you would normally feel tired and close your eyes to fall asleep, could actually help to trigger or influence a real hypnagogic experience.

Why attempt to self-induce hypnagogia? Well, in the past, hypnagogia has been known to lead to creative experiences like (lucid) dreaming and even astral traveling. Some historic characters from the past who have experimented with self-induced hypnagogia include the likes of William Blake, Edgar Allen Poe, Jean Paul Sartre, and Emmanuel Swedenborg, just to name a few.

Feel free to share your personal experiences with 'ON OUR WAY TO HYPNAGOGIA' through the 'contact' link on the side of my page.



released January 10, 2014

Violin, synthesizer, effects, and interactive idea by Stephen Del Duca.
Drawing by Kareni Lowes.
Thanks to Dilani Balasubramaniam for trusting me with such a delicate creature.

For more information on Hypnagogia, I recommend a quick visit to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (see link below); this is the place where my (limited) research began. The vast majority of my summary of hypnagogia stems from various articles in the 'References' section of the Wikipedia page. Your local library is also bound to have a lot of information on the topic.





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