Some Kind Of Mood

by Del Stephen

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Music, production, and words by Stephen Del Duca.
Recorded at home in London between October 2014 and February 2015.

Additional Credits:
'When I Say I Love You' features electric guitar by Anthony Dodwell (AD).
'Caroline, Focus Your Vision' features flute by Poppy Dillon, and electric guitar by AD.
'No More Kisses' features vocals and words by Kareni Lowes, Ella Potts (EP), and Crystal Powell (CP).
'We Could All Fall In Love' features additional vocals by Dale Mallon.
'My Hand Is A Map' features additional vocals by Darren Clarke and Sofia Zetterstedt.
'Don't Bring Me Down' features vocals and words by EP and CP.
'Separations' features electric guitar by AD, and additional vocals by EP.

Your support in listening, sharing, and especially downloading my music helps to enable me to continue to put time into creating songs and albums on a consistent basis. Thank you thank you thank you for appreciating the art I devote myself's a special feeling.


released February 18, 2015




Del Stephen Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: When I Say I Love You
You are more than a phonecall away, and I have not seen you since more than two full calendars ago. The sound of your voice is refreshing. We skip catching up because we've caught something that just can't be undone. I read you a bit of my poetry, and you ask if it's about another lover from seven winters ago. The sound of your voice is refreshing, but I can't understand why you don't believe me when I say I love you. When I say I love you...when I say I really wanted to stay...when you say you love me...when you say you wish that I'd come back.
Track Name: Saturday Night Bedroom Parties
It can be so hard to find a rhyme for love. Boy am I so thankful you're my baby dove. It can be so hard to find our feelings, lost in the breath of all the strangers, and the blanket that you left at home. All that we will be is all that we will be. We're just lost noise, and it's never gonna be any different. All that we will be is all that we will be; question marks in our minds, an exclamation mark in my heart. Saturday night bedroom parties are underrated; you can have them by yourself (you won't have them by yourself). Turn up your favourite album (that's the one). Pour yourself a glass of your favourite alcohol. Take your time.
Track Name: Caroline, Focus Your Vision
Caroline, focus your vision. You can't always trust what you see on the screen, so help yourself to making decisions for yourself. It was summer of 2013 I met you at the concert of my favourite band (I have just about 2013 favourite bands). Caroline, I heard you were traveling. You can't always run from your family tree, but help yourself to making decisions for yourself.
Track Name: We Could All Fall In Love
He's a heterosexual guy with queer sensibility. He always loves to pretend, because he's got no credibility. If you'd only look up, you would see what you're missing. If you'd only look up, then we could all fall in love. She's a pretty popular girl with pop sensibility. She never loves to pretend because she's got no ability. If you'd only look up...
Track Name: My Hand Is A Map
We can't only be friends, but your hand is a map, and it shows you where to go, and every little mountain takes time to grow. We won't breathe in this time, because I'm drowning in the poison of the newspaper headlines, and all the things that matter take up my time. We don't have to be lovers, but my hand is a map because it shows me how to grow, and every little line gives me places to go.
Track Name: Don't Bring Me Down
Don't bring me down.
Track Name: Separations
Watch out for that gossamer; it's been there for generations. Why don't you leave for good and never come back? I think this calls for separations. Leave me (I never wanted you to leave me). Leave you (you never wanted me to leave you). Watch out for astrology; it's hard enough to make friends, but when the stars align, the moon can shine, and then you leave me again. It's Friday night, and I'm all alone, but I can't stop thinking about you. Why don't you leave for good and never come back? I think this calls for separations.